Accelx Implant Motor

Accelx dental implant motors, accessories, and components are made with high-quality materials designed to provide carefree and more effective procedures.

Dental Implants Single Supporting Systems AccelX | ids Integrated Dental Systems - A Biotech Dental Company

Accelx Implant Motor

These new and innovative units combines ultrasonic and rotary technologies that delivers powerful and stable outputs with a fiber optic motor and handpiece.

Powerful Optic Micromotor

Powerful Optic Micromotor | ids integrated dental systems

Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal | ids integrated dental systems

AX200HP (Optic)

Max Torque Value 70 Ncm| ids integrated dental systems

Max torque value 70 Ncm

Effectiveness of Accelx Implant System Motors

Ease Of Use

Allows the user to quickly choose between various functions with the touch of a button

9 Memory Programs

Easily select between 9 pre-save programs

Advanced Irrigation Pump

The super-quiet pump provides for easy set-up of the irrigation tubes

Foot Pedal Control

The foot pedal provides rotation direction of the handpiece, coolant flow, program selection and speed, allowing the user to be hands-free

Improved Contra-Angle, Optic Handpiece

The reduced angle head with built-in spray nozzle provides deeper access into the mouth during surgery

Powerful Optic Micromotor

The micromotor is equipped with powerful optic function which helps procedural accuracy

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