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Reflect™ Implants are manufactured from our Super CP4, which provide greater strength when compared to implants manufactured with conventional Grade 4 Titanium. Manufactured with an enhanced raw material to create stronger Commercially Pure Titanium (CP4) this allows IDS to provide an implant with superior strength yet maintain its purity for a high degree of biocompatibility. Long recognized research demonstrates the advantages of the CP Titanium, showing a high degree of cellular proliferation encouraging osseointegration* with SuperTi4.


Free Reflect Implant!

Compatible with “BIG” brands at up to 80% less.

Don’t be fooled by “BIG” brands charging outrageous prices. Reflect Implants offer high-quality surgical and prosthetic compatibility at up to 80% less.

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We will send a free Reflect Implant to the office along with the name of the ids technical sales specialist if the office has any questions.
Offer limited to one free implant per office. Expires 12/31/2020.

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The Reflect Dental Implant System is compatible with “BIG” brands at up to 80% less.

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