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The Smart Dentin Grinder turns extracted teeth into the highest quality and most cost-effective autogenous graft.

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Smart Dentin Grinder

We Just Made Other Grafts Obsolete.

Human dentin is the “gold standard” for grafting because it has the same properties as bone.* Dentin bone graft also contains growth factors, stem cells, is mineralized and osseoinductive. Additionally, the use of dentin graft eliminates the need for a secondary surgical site. And, since the graft is made from the patient’s own teeth, there is no risk of disease transmission.


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Product Benefits

  • Best quality graft, the “gold standard”
  • No disease transmission
  • Easy and fast process with fewer office visits
  • No secondary procedure
  • Socket preservation
  • Bone regeneration in 6 weeks vs. 12 weeks
  • Better initial implant stability
  • A better graft at a fraction of the cost
  • Long resorption over time

Surgical Process

Smart Dentin Grinder Surgical Process: Before Implant Placement | ids integrated dental systems
Before Implant Placement
Smart Dentin Grinder Surgical Process: 10 Weeks After Extraction | ids integrated dental systems
Ready for Implants 10 weeks after extraction and grafting
Smart Dentin Grinder Surgical Process: 12 Weeks After Placement | ids integrated dental systems
12 weeks after implant placement

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dentin be used as a graft?

Absolutely. Dentin is very similar to bone as for its chemical and biological composition. Furthermore, due to its strength it acts as the ultimate scaffold.

Is dentin better than allograft?

Yes. It is better than allograft due to its autologous nature, same proteins, and no immunogenic response. It is also denser than allograft. Being osteogenic it rapidly differentiates into bone. As a result the site will heal a lot quicker and be ready for restoration at half the time in comparison to allograft. Most importantly it promotes new bone regeneration at the site. You will experience very little graft resorption if any.

Why would I spend 15 minutes making Dentin graft when I can immediately use allograft?

It’s a shame to discard perfectly reusable patient’s tissue and use artificial bone or cadaver bone when instead the tooth itself can be used in order to provide superior care, extraordinary bone formation and superior soft tissue response.

Sterility of the graft – how do I sterilize the graft?

Our cleanser is very effective in eliminating bacteria and any organic matter. Coupled with the fact that the Dentin graft is autologous, the risk of infection is almost zero and certainly lower than other pre-packaged grafts.

Can I use an autoclave to sterilize the graft?


Graft remodeling – how fast does the Dentin Graft remodel and become replaced by bone?

Dentin does not resorb but rather it is fused (ankylosed) by bone. Together the fused bone-dentin matrix will remodel very slowly which will maintain the superior aesthetics of the restoration for much longer.

What is the cleanser?

The cleanser is a Sodium Hydroxide solution mixed in 20% ethanol.

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