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The Mila Kit is designed for a lateral approach for entering the sinus and elevating the membrane.

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Mila Kit

The Mila Kit was developed as an alternative to using high speed instrumentation laterally to open a window into the sinus. The 3 trephine bur sizes allow you to safely open the sinus laterally, which eliminates the risk of puncturing the sinus cavity.In addition, the opening is smaller than doing a traditional lateral lift. Using the lateral trephine,the core of bone is preserved and replaced prior to closing the surgical entry site. The kit contains 3 depth limiting trephines to handle any bone thickness.

How to Use Mila Kit for Lateral Approach

How to Use Mila Kit for Lateral Approach | ids integrated dental systems

Mila Kit Contents

Mila Kit

Mila Kit Content Images | ids integrated dental systems

Point Trephine Bur

Mila Kit Point Trephine Bur | ids integrated dental systems

Lateral Trephine Bur

Mila Kit Lateral Trephine Bur | ids integrated dental systems

Express Bur

Mila Kit Express Bur | ids integrated dental systems

Window Opener

Mila Kit Contents: Window Opener | ids integrated dental systems

Membrane Elevator

Mila Kit Contents: Membrane Elevator | ids integrated dental systems

Clinical Case 1

  • Fig 1. Trephine with 1mm external stopper.
  • Fig 2. Point Trephine Bur: Initial drill.
  • Fig 3. “Window Opener” to detach window wall.
  • Fig 4. Window Opener: Remove the wall.
  • Fig 5. Elevator: Lift membrane.
  • Fig 6. Completely remove the remaining window wall with Express Bur.
  • Fig 7. Graft: autogenous bone collected or alloplastic material.
  • Fig 8. Previously detached window wall is tapped into the position to prevent soft tissue migration into the sinus bone.

Mila Kit Dental Supporting Systems Clinical Case 1 | ids integrated dental systems

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