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The Mica is designed for a crestal approach to sinus elevation. This kit was the first of its kind, and features a series of pointed trephines, adjustable trephines, and sinus express burs that will allow you to get to the membrane quickly and atraumatically.

Mica Kit Express Bur Dental Implant Supporting System | ids integrated dental systems

Mica Kit and Express Bur

The Mica Kit provides a crestal approach where the membrane is exposed so you can easily determine the thickness of the Schneiderian membrane. The elevation tools includes 4 sizes of mushroom elevators, a Cobra elevator, and an elevator and packing tool to place and pack bone.

Surgical Method Classified by Sinus Condition

MicaKit Surgical Method Classified by Sinus Condition Graphic | ids integrated dental systems

Express Bur

Combines function of Diamond Drill and Reamer Drill

1. Easy to Clean
The smooth surface makes cleaning easy and leaves no residue after cleaning.
MicaKit Express Bur is easy to clean | ids integrated dental systems
2. Safety
Stopper provides safe drilling without damaging the membrane even when visibility is poor.
MicaKit Express Bur is safe | ids integrated dental systems
3. Repeated Use
Bone chips can be easily removed without getting stuck, so longer life is guaranteed.
4. Cutting Capability
Its excellent bone cutting capability eliminates the need for use of the pointed or ASBE trephine burs.
MicaKit Express Bur Drill | ids integrated dental systems

Mica Kit Contents

MicaKit Contents Image | ids integrated dental systems

Fig 1. Drill with a point trephine bur: 2mm until the laser marking is reached.
Fig 2. Drill with ASBE Trephine bur until 1-2mm of bone is left and break the bone by slightly tilting the bur. Remove the collected bone in the trephine by unscrewing the Mini Screw and rotating the shank.
Fig 3. Adjust the position of the stopper to 1mm longer than the remaining bone height and drill with a Express bur 0.7-1mm smaller in size than the diameter of the fixture.
Fig 4. Use the mushroom instrument to lift the membrane through the hole made.
Fig 5. Lift membrane using the Cobra instrument.
Fig 6. Graft the harvested bone and alloplastic material using the spreader.
Fig 7. Adjust the stopper of the Condenser and fill the bone material up to desired depth.
Fig 8. Install fixtures into the sites.

Clinical Cases

MicaKit Clinical Case 1 | ids integrated dental systems

  • Fig 1. Diagnosis with CT .
  • Fig 2. Before surgery
  • Fig 3. Flap reflection
  • Fig 4. ASBE Trephine Bur & Express Bur: expand the hole
  • Fig 5. Spreader & Condenser: bone graft
  • Fig 6. Place a fixture
  • Fig 7. Graft any buccal defect and place a collagen membrane
  • Fig 8. Primary closure
  • Fig 9. Postoperative Intra-oral radiograph

MicaKit Clinical Case 2 | ids integrated dental systems

  • Fig 1. Intra-oral radiograph(Before)
  • Fig 2. Point Trephine Bur: initial drill
  • Fig 3. ASBE Trephine Bur: make a hole
  • Fig 4. Express Bur: expand the hole
  • Fig 5. Spreader & Condenser: bone graft
  • Fig 6. Place a fixture
  • Fig 7. Intra-oral radiograph (After)
  • Fig 8. Postoperative Panoramic View

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