Cemplant Dental Implant Cement | ids integrated dental systems

CemPlant is designed for permanent and long-term provisional cementation of implant abutment retained crowns or bridges. Its controlled expansion formulation protects with a shock-absorbing final set that minimizes excess force transfer to the implant.

CemPlant Dental Implant Cement | ids integrated dental systems

CemPlant Implant Cement

The material’s unique chemistry provides strong retention and seal, yet allows for easy removal for inspection. The result is a more comfortable experience for the patient during a critical stage in treatment.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

CemPlant is a luting cement ideal for applications where the bond between restoration and abutment is based on mechanical retention. Therefore, the controlled slight expansion ensures a safe fixation of the restoration with an optimum seal and marginal fit.


  • Eugenol free
  • Dual cure
  • Antibacterial Zinc formula
  • Radiopaque
  • Controlled expansion setting provides excellent seal and retention
  • Long 2:00 minute working time


  • Gel setting stage peels off in one piece for easy clean-up around margins reducing the risk for peri-implantitis
  • Shock-absorbing set characteristic minimizes excess force transfer to implant
  • Strong retention yet easy to remove for inspection
  • Greater comfort for the patient
  • Easy to use

CemPlant Working Time and Setting Time Comparisons

CemPlant has a desirable long working time of 2:00 minutes, while a fast fixation of the restoration is possible if CemPlant is cured at the marginal regions for 20 seconds per surface. In case of translucent materials, it is also possible to expose CemPlant to light through the material (40 seconds per surface).
CemPlant Dental Implant Instructions for use | ids integrated dental systems
CemPlant Dental Implant Cement works with AnyRidge Dental Implant Systems | ids integrated dental systems

The AnyRidge Implant System is the perfect complement to CemPlant Implant Cement.

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