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The best way to treat and prevent peri-implantitis

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AirClean Unit Dose Glycine

The AirClean glycine formulation is the most effective way to treat and prevent biofilm related infections like peri-implantitis; a leading cause of implant failure. The AirClean adapter easily attaches to the existing handpiece line and delivers 30-micron glycine unit-dose powder evenly and accurately. The clinically proven glycine powder is powerful on biofilm yet safe for all implant surfaces, and ideal for use with all implant patients.

  • Easily removes biofilm resulting in a healthier peri-implant environment
  • Ideal for use as a preventative treatment for all implant patients
  • Safe on tissue, titanium implant surfaces, and restorations
  • Unit dose design provides precise delivery in hard to reach places
  • Easily connects to existing handpiece line

Here’s what Dental Clinicians are Saying:

When it comes to effective maintenance in patients with implants, traditional means of hygiene care fail to give me the results I am looking for. With AirClean I can see the biofilm removal process occur. I continually see the results of healthier tissue, improvement in pocket depth and less BOP (Bleeding on Probing) around implants. I have finally found my go-to for implant care!

– Maddalena R., RDH

The results are undeniable! Aside from the immediate benefit of eradicating debris from the sulcus, the AirClean glycine powder continues to work after the patient leaves the office. On maintenance visits, I re-evaluate the tissue finding a healthier epithelial attachment, gingiva that is pink in color and very light to no bleeding during scaling. Patients love receiving this treatment and report feeling cleaner than previous treatments without it. I will continue to use AirClean on all of my implant patients.

– Stacy T., RDH

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