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Reflect® Implant Systems: Surgical and Prosthetic Compatibility | ids integrated dental systems
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ids is now part of the Biotech Dental Group!

Innovative dental implant and tooth replacement systems that provide better outcomes.

Our products feature designs and technologies that help ensure shorter and more precise procedures and less recovery time—all at more cost-effective price points. Developing solutions that help dentists provide superior clinical results is the focus of everything we do.
An extensive range of innovative and cost-effective tooth replacement systems and supporting products.
Continuing education and hands-on courses that improve skills, clinical outcomes, and business success.
A wealth of informative clinical case studies, support, videos, and webinars designed to improve your practice.
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ATP38 Miracle | ids Integrated Dental Systems - A Biotech Dental Company

ATP38 Miracle

The ATP38® device is full of technologies associated with the best available techniques using the principle of photobiomodulation.


Nemotec Software provides clinicians and laboratories with flexible and open solutions to diagnose, plan, and print professional dental products and communicate visually and effectively with patients on Smile Design, Orthodontics, Orthognathic, and Implantology.
Nemotec | ids dental systems a biotech company
Smart Dentin Grinder

Smart Dentin Grinder

Human dentin is the “gold standard” for grafting because it has the same properties as bone. The graft is made from the patient’s own teeth, there is no risk of disease transmission.

Reflect Dental Implants

Reflect® Implant Systems offer surgical and prosthetic compatibility with major implant brands but do so at a fraction of the cost while at the same time, offering uncompromised quality and performance.
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Product Innovation

ids—integrated dental systems a Biotech Dental Company—is one of the largest providers of end-to-end dental solutions. Our products are designed to help you achieve better outcomes for your patients, enhance your surgical skills, and achieve greater business success.

Continuing Education
Clinical Support

ids’ education, provides a high level of implant education in a clear and concise manner. Our programs are uniquely designed for clinicians looking to enhance their implant knowledge and expertise. Our nationally and internationally recognized educators instruct on a wide array of courses encompassing didactic, hands-on, and live surgery.

Smiles for Vets

Join ids and become part of our Smiles for Vets Program, which helps dentists provide critically needed dental care to US veterans who would otherwise go without treatment. ids will provide FREE Reflect® Implants and abutments for any procedure performed on a US Veteran.
ids is giving back to those who have given so much.
Free Dental Implants for Vets | ids Smiles for Vets Program

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ids is committed to providing a full suite of dental implant systems, supporting products, continuing education, and clinical support that allow dentists to achieve better outcomes for their patients and greater business success.